About Me

Designing With Passion While Exploring The World

I love creating spaces online and I love to see the world. Currently I sit at 53 visited countries and plan to expand this list. The aim for my websites is to make them as lively as possible and design them in the way that is right for the customer. Every project is different!

Create the right story

For Public Relations, I love getting to know the artist, project or company as good as possible and understand the story behind it. We then conceptualise a story that we can tell. What makes your company unique? Why does it need to be heard? Why will journalists and the public want to hear about you? Together we will create your story and get it heard.

Skills for many projects

My background in the music industry and online marketing, my time in the startup world, the experiences I gained through my travels and my hunger to learn more gave me many skills I can put to use to help you get to the next level. See my full CV for more about me.


Haulix, HubSpot

Adobe Lightroom, Premiere Pro

Stay In Touch

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